Back to Basics: Top 5 Reasons to Use Primer in Your Beauty Routine

Don’t you love looking good all day? Us too. After all, makeup shouldn’t be a chore. Whether you like matte or dewy and radiant skin, your makeup should stay that way all day. Enter face primer. Hellooo gorgeous! When it comes to looking fresh, natural and radiant all day, we got your back, so here are the top 5 reasons you should be using primer in your beauty routine.

  1. Get Your Base Right

First things first: the number one purpose of this often-overlooked makeup essential is to serve as a base over which to layer foundation. Whether you want to wear tinted moisturiser or foundation, starting with primer base prepares your skin for the rest of your face makeup. I love a good multi-purpose product, so I go in with the Base Perfecting Priming Moisturiser to moisturise and prime at the same time. Quick, easy and it gives me a smooth, ultra-hydrated base with a hint of glowy (go for goddess my friend). I like it because it enhances my skin without masking it, it’s lightweight and it keeps my makeup looking awesome all day long. The product also contains hyaluronic acid, a skin loving ingredient which your skin already contains and does a stellar job at retaining moisture. Your skin, but better.

  1. Enhance Your Glow Girl

If you’re going for a glow, primer can help you here as well. Illuminating primers are huge at the moment, nearly every makeup brand has one and well, everybody is digging in. If you like that lit-from-within look, you should dig in too. Our Illuminating Face Primer (the bestselling illuminating primer in Priceline) is a great start. I use this on the days when I’m feeling a luminous glow for my day. It makes my skin look so healthy and radiant, it’s lightweight but it stays on all day and I feel good about loading my skin up with it because it has vitamin A to regenerate and protect my skin at the same time. I put this on after moisturiser, you can apply it to the high points of your face but I put it everywhere, and then I put my foundation on afterwards!

  1. Primers Protect and Hydrate Your Skin.

Your skin is so important. Make sure you choose a primer that keeps your skin protected and hydrated while you prep your skin and throughout the day. Some mattifying moisturisers completely dry out your skin and we don’t want that. If you deprive your skin of moisture, it may end up oilier as your skin produces more oil in trying to compensate for what it’s lost. Moisturising primers nourish and rejuvenate your skin by offering an extra boost of hydration so you can show off soft and supple skin. All of our primers at Luma have skin healthy ingredients such as Vitamin E, crushed pearl powder, and hyaluronic acid.  Hi good skin. Come in please and find a home in my makeup cabinet.

  1. Makeup Don’t Go Away!

Let’s revisit that question before, do you like looking good all day? Primer seals in the moisture of your skin and creates a barrier between your skin and your makeup so your makeup doesn’t get absorbed and disappears by lunchtime. Primer also smooths out your skin so that if you have any dry patches, pores, or lines, your makeup wont sink in or cling to them.  

  1. Use Primer on Its Own

This is for those glowy skin lovers. Some days my skin is so good I don’t want to wear foundation or even a tinted moisturiser. However, I still want to enhance that natural glow so I go in with Natural Radiance Bronzing Primer. Because it has a little bit of a bronze tint it makes my skin look sun-kissed, radiant, and super healthy without needing to add anything extra. So, if you want to rock a minimalist style that focuses the attention on your natural radiance, simply using a moisturising primer for a low-maintenance makeup routine.

No matter what type of look you want to create, choosing the right primer to suit your complexion can go a long way. Keep your skin looking flawless from dawn to dusk and be sure to check out our own range of premium-quality, Australian-made primers exclusively available at LUMA for all of these benefits and more.