Must Have Multi-Purpose Products To Simplify Your Beauty Routine

When it comes to saving time, our makeup routine is no exception. We want to help you have more time to do things that matter to you, so we present to you, 9 beauty products that will save you valuable time with their multi-purpose uses.

Let’s start with primer:

Illuminating Primer – Enhance your natural radiance with an illuminating primer that leaves skin looking flawless and luminous. For a lightweight, more natural look, it can be used all by itself.

Bronzing Primer – If you’re going for a more sultry, sun-kissed look, a great option is the bronzing primer, which does the job of priming your skin for extra coverage, and gives you a summer glow all year round if used on its own.

Priming Moisturiser – Another type of product that can be used as a primer is vitamin and mineral-infused moisturiser. Using a hydrating cream like this one that perfects your base will save you time applying a primer on top. After applying this, you can follow with your foundation and usual makeup application.

And to add some highlight and colour:

Lip & Cheek Tint – Invest in a creamy, moisturising tint that you can apply to both lips and cheeks for a playful touch of colour. These are available in several shades to suit different skin tones.

Illuminated Highlighter – Try out a multi-tasking highlighter that does more than give your skin a youthful radiance. Highlighters can be applied to any spot where you need a boost of shimmer, your cheekbones, your cupids bow, even your collarbones.

Brow Filler Gel – They say that brows are the framework to the face. On days when you have no time to apply other makeup, this quick touch up with a brow gel will give your face a freshly groomed look. These magic wands act as both eyebrow fillers and groomers, and just one application holds your brows in place for the whole day.

Finally, here are 3 nourishing products that do more than keep skin perfectly hydrated.

Multi-Purpose Balm – It doesn’t get much more convenient than having a pocket-size product that will work on dry patches of skin, as well as dry lips and cuticles. The Balm can also be used for a quick touch-up over the cheekbones for an instantly glowy look.

Moisturising Beauty Serum – How about a serum that will soften both your skin and hair? Apply a few drops of beauty serum enriched with natural moisturisers and antioxidants to achieve a radiant, dewy complexion. And then use the excess amount on your fingertips to soften the ends of your hair.


Enjoy the benefits of these multi-tasking beauty products from the LUMA range, and create a makeup routine that is good for your skin and saves you both time and effort. These products serve the purpose of not only making you look your best, but help to nourish your skin and maintain its youthful elasticity. All of our cosmetics undertake stability testing, and we are proud of never testing on animals.

Our range is designed with the Australian consumer in mind. Made with our lightweight, innovative formulas, featuring richly nourishing elements, our signature crushed pearl powder, and with a focus on ease of application.


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