A Complete Guide to Enhancing Your Natural Glow

Glowy, radiant skin is in. Are you into it? Because we are, and we know just how to get you there. LUMA Beauty is all about bringing out the best in your skin and creating a healthy luminous glow which is why we created the Liquid Light Illuminating Primer to give you that lit-from-within look. For a complete guide to enhancing your natural glow, read on:

First things first, SKINCARE. At LUMA, skin is our priority and we did our research which is why we import crushed pearl powder (a super skin ingredient that aids in cell regeneration and skin brightening and is approved by Gwyneth Paltrow’s company, GOOP) all the way from Italy and pop it into the majority of our products. Whatever you do, take care of your skin, wash it, moisturise it, give it some love and be proud of it. Our entire range of skincare is easy to use, great for your skin and none of it has been tested on animals.

Next, PRIME. Primer is the first step in your makeup routine to having a glorious skin day and is essential for your glow. I use our Liquid Light Illuminating primer every single day, not just because I work for LUMA, but because it makes me look healthy all day and like “I woke up like that.” We love making products that are multi-purpose, easy to use and LOVE your skin. I love slathering myself up in this, I’m talking face, shoulders, and collarbones, putting on some brows and then calling it a day. When I’m feeling like adding some bronze (which are most days) I use our Natural Radiance Bronzing Primer to make me look extra sun-kissed and dewy.

Next, HIGHLIGHT. If you’re going for a glow, glow on and grab some highlighter. Get it? We have two highlighters, the Illuminating Highlighter and the On The Glow Highlighter. These creamy, buildable highlighters give me a dewy, pearlescent look to take my glow to the next level. I was so happy when these products came together because they never fail me. They stay on all day, they don’t dry me out and most importantly, they don’t break me out. The biggest plus for me is that they are almost undetectable, instead of looking like I have a line of highlighter on my face, it literally just looks like I have a glow.

There’s something about having really beautiful skin that makes me super confident throughout the day and these products make me feel genuinely awesome. I used to have bad skin when I was a teenager, so it really scares me to try new products which is why one of the main appealing things about these products are the skin loving ingredients, I mean crushed pearl powder, oils and vitamins? I’m here for it. I can proudly say that I understand the ingredient lists on the products I use. I am glowy, I am primed, I am ready to take on my day.

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